UCOPS Supports HPOA President Joe Gamaldi’s Strong Words

Joe Gramaldi, President
Houston Police Officers Association
1600 State Street
Houston, TX 77007

Re: Standing Up For Your Members

Dear Joe:

I write as the president of the United Coalition of Public Safety (UCOPS) to offer our condolences to the four brave Houston police officers who were nearly murdered on Monday, January 28th for simply trying to keep the public safe.  We are heartened that each appears likely to survive their gunshot wounds but, saddened by the extent of their injuries and the long road to recovery they will endure. 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to them, their families and to you and your members. 

It is every police union leader’s worst nightmare to face the death or serious injury of an officer they represent.  Sadly, too many of our union brothers and sisters are having to walk this path. Only five weeks into 2019 and already 7 officers have been murdered by gunfire in our nation.

We stand united in your belief that the philosophy of the anti-police movement has undermined the legitimacy of the American Police Officer and, fostered an attitude of aggression towards those who wear the uniform. While many activists exercise their right to free speech peacefully there ae those who tacitly condone violence against officers and put a virtual target on their backs. In July of 2016, we witnessed first-hand the impacts of this insidious ideology when 5 Dallas police officers and three Baton Rouge police officers were all gunned down for solely wearing a badge.

The anti-police culture continues to threaten law enforcement professionals by encouraging, endorsing and excusing those seeking to harm them. We echo your words, Joe Gamaldi, “Enough is enough”. The silence by anti-police groups towards theses heinous attacks on officers is deafening.

We are also dismayed by Chief Acevedo’s criticism of you.  His opportunism pales next to the leadership you have shown.  What is readily apparent is that the chief has lost touch with the officers who serve under him.  Whereas you spoke from the heart, with the empathy and raw emotion of someone grieving and suffering with his members, Chief Acevedo spoke with the cold

calculus of a politician—focused on preserving his own self-interest, not the collective interest of his anguished members. 

His self-regard contrasts poorly with your selflessness. 

Again, law enforcement stands behind you.  Please let us know how we can help you and your members in this time of need.

Very truly yours,  
Paul Kelly, UCOPS President
United Coalition of Public Safety Board of Directors

Download letter >>> UCOPS Letter of Support to HPOA Gamaldi 02072019

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