Night of Mass Police Shootings Showcases Dangers of Policing

Officer Baxter and Sergeants Sam Howard killed police shootings

San Francisco, CA:  A night of multiple police shootings in Florida and Pennsylvania should remind every American of the dangers police face each day while trying to keep our communities and neighborhoods safe.

Policing is not easy and every call has the potential to turn into a life or death situation.

As a lifelong Police Officer, I can tell you first-hand that this job gets more difficult every day. This is another tragic example of the ultimate sacrifice paid by law enforcement officers nationwide to uphold the oath of service and protection.

UCOPS, along with the nation’s Law Enforcement community, grieves the loss of Kissimmee Police Officer Matthew Baxter. Our prayers also go out to Kissimmee Sergeant Sam Howard, who was gravely wounded and is fighting for his life. We also pray for the two Jacksonville Officers and two Pennsylvania State Troopers as they battle their injuries.

As we grieve, let us not forget the families, loved ones, and friends of these brave heroes.

The United Coalition of Public Safety works on behalf of law enforcement officers and the communities they serve nationwide to shape strong partnerships and break down communication barriers; building trust through active engagement, honest dialogue, education, and outreach.



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